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 Advertising and publishing center

Unique tourism edition about tourism business in Ukraine.

  • Currents events in the tourism sphere.
  • The best offers from tour operators in different directions.
  • Commentaries from participants of the market.
  • Tendencies of the world tourism market.

Due to our edition you may build new partnerships relations and find out more about tourism market in Ukraine.

New rubric: “Choose Ukraine”

The rubric intended for native and foreign readers. The aim of the rubric is promotion of Ukraine as tourism direction.

In rubric:

  • Interesting routes.
  • Tourism regions and kinds of tourism.
  • Useful information for tourists and professionals.


Journal “Big Journey” – the whole world in your palm.

Journal “Big Journal” – edition, devoted to tourism, rest, traveling. However, we write not only about that. We will open to you cities, countries, and continents. Do you want to find out more about world; do you want to visit unknown places?

Traditions of different countries and nations, their history and culture, big openings and mysteries, travelers and experts advice. We go down to the bottom of the ocean and climb to the top of the most inaccessible mountains; we discover depths of caves and open forgotten civilizations.

«CURATOR» is a journey through the secret world of antiques and art.

We write about:

  • Antiques and investment in works of art.
  • Fashionable artworks.
  • Art industry main trends and the recent developments.
  • Antiques restorers’ enthralling discoveries.
  • ‘Curator’ is an ‘ambassador’ for those who are fond of arts.
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