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UT has compiled a list of picturesque locations where not only tourists, but also fastidious Instagrammers go for panoramic impressions. In fact, there are dozens of much bett er places in Ukraine, it is worth discovering them, joining them to excursions. Aft er all, interest in traveling around Ukraine is growing.
In the Ternopil region, surrounded by the Dniester hills, in the bowl of the canyon lies the town of Zalishchyky. From the observation deck of the village of Khreshchatyk, a panorama of the city with a meander of the Dniester opens.
Today it`s a one day location. All visitors go to the high bank of the Dniester, which wraps around the city in a steep loop, in order to lodge an unusual view in their own and their telephone memory.
The best thing anyone has said about Bakota is «a miracle for the eyes.» Decks at diff erent levels, a rock monastery, protected forests, stone beaches and springs with healing water. There are observation decks at diff erent levels.
The village of Bakota was fl ooded 40 years ago for the construction of the Dniester water power system, but nature did everything to heal this wound, and also gave people an unearthly landscape.
There is a tourist information center in Bakota near the observation deck of the rock monastery
Mountains, steppe and sea met in this place. Baidikha ravines, or Kherson mountains, are clay ravines on high banks of the Dnipro-Bug liman near the village of Stanislav.
Romantics come to this place for the sea panorama, paths, steppe scents and sea breeze that rushes in the hills. It is interesting to look at the cliffs from the sea during kayaking trips — excursions are offered.
A unique island 8 km from the mainland, a haven for «savage tourists» who appreciate the unique nature. They manage to see dolphins up close, if they are lucky — deer and mouflons and other animals. Can you imagine 50 km of a beach with the purest water of the bay and the open sea? Fortunately, Dzharylgach Island is a nature reserve, therefore, the steppe beauty has been preserved quite well. There is a landmark on it — a 120-year-old lighthouse designed by the Frenchman Eiffel. A real magnet for Instagrammers.
The canyon is a powerful granite mountain overhanging the Gorny Tikich River. Beeches are compared with the Scandinavian fjords, Stonehenge, Switzerland. But our canyons are unique — a combination of steppe, rocks, waterfall and calm water. Picnic and swimming is a “must have”. If you are not too lazy to run over the pebbles, you will see the ruins of a water mill from the XIX century and the first Ukrainian hydroelectric power plant.
The picturesque village of Vitachiv is located an an hour’s drive from Kyiv. Further, climb the Prince’s Spire — and freeze before the greatness of the wide Dnipro river. The top is decorated with a wooden chapel of unusual architecture, where you can go and see the interior decoration.
According to legend, in the 5th century Vytachiv was the largest port on the Dnipro, and now Vytachiv means silence, tranquility and an ideal location for a picnic and incredible photo sessions. There is a small bench to sit down and freeze from the space above the Dnipro.
Why are we inviting you to a rather difficult trekking route at an altitude of 2028 m? Yes, because on the top of the Pip Ivan mountain there is a mysterious and romantic abandoned Observatory, which is called the White Elephant for its unusual outlines. Meeting her is an unforgettable adventure. From the mountain, which is the southeastern end of the highest Montenegrin ridge in Ukraine, you can see most of the Carpathian peaks — in the morning they float in the clouds.
Most of the locals know about this panoramic site. And it is a good addition to the exciting impressions of the historic Novgorod-Siverskyi. Come to one of the oldest monasteries of Kievan Rus - Spaso-Preobrazhensky in May, when the Desna spills.
And the monastery itself on the hill is a real architectural miracle with buildings from the 16th-18th centuries. On its territory there is a cathedral, museums, dungeons, a seminary, fortress walls, and also cozy corners where it is good to contemplate the unhurried monastic life.
To show the real beauty of the Dnipro plavni (floodplains), you have to give wings to those who wish, because only from a bird’s eye view you can see the scope of the Ukrainian Amazon, which is 300 kilometers long. You can travel along the water channels by canoe, kayak, quiet boats, starting from Kakhovka, Gola Pristan, Mykolaiv or Kherson. And on the banks of the Dnipro, tourists will find numerous green tourism estates.
When you rush on a boat along the Dnipro river, bypassing the islands, a white church suddenly opens up to your eyes, which seems to float in the air. The village of Gusyntsy, flooded by the Kanevskoe reservoir, does not exist anymore, and the church, originally from the 19th century, did not sink, and for a long time stood in the water with a silent reproach.
The temple was restored, now it is operational, there is a bridge to it. And for tourists, the road to the church is open only along the Dnipro river — most often from Rzhyshchiv. But this is for the best — a speedboat trip is no less exciting than the purpose of the trip. 

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