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Chernihiv, the old center of Kievan Rus, dating back to the 9th century, is perceived as an open-air museum. Moreover, the museum is extremely fascinating: fi ve early churches of the times of Kievan Rus have survived to this day, preserving the traditional Byzantine style.
The Ancient Chernigov National Architectural and Historical Reserve is responsible for the preservation and delivery of the historical heritage to tourists; it includes 26 architectural monuments of national importance. It`s convenient: there are signposts, detailed descriptions, sightseers can follow the best routes, monuments are studied and protected. In June 2021 alone, the staff of the Reserve took 30,000 guests of the city along the historical paths of Chernigov. Most of the visitors are at the Anthony Caves and the Trinity-Ilyinsky Monastery connected to Caves by underground passages.
Chernigov does not fi t into the «city of one day» scheme. If you have overcome the historical theme in the form of Ramparts, ancient temples and caves, visit the Tourist Information Center and inquire about mystical, gastronomic, beer and educational excursions.
Magnets of Chernigov: museum objects of the Ancient Chernigov National Reserve. Rampart or Citadel, Boldiny Mountains, House of Regimental Chancellery, Collegium.
Kiev is the most tourist city in Ukraine, not only in terms of visit statistics. An active tourist get-together lives here — people who willingly travel abroad and across Ukraine. You do not need to listen in a crowded place to hear: «we are going to the Carpathians», «we are going to the sea», «I missed Berlin.» The openness of the world involuntarily affects the rhythm of the city’s life, although its center suffers from the lack of spacious public areas.
Kiev is becoming more favorable for mobile and inquisitive people, adding pedestrian bridges, panoramic paths for walking along the Dnipro river, new parks and squares to its map, decorated with golden roofs of churches. These are literally breathtaking destinations for guests from Asia and Europe, lacking in steep landscapes and wide panoramas. The Glass Bridge fills with young people every evening — they listen to live music, communicate and watch the lights of Trukhaniv Island.
Kiev magnets: Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Andriivsky Descent, pedestrian Podil, walking route from Lavra to Voznesenka
through Mariinsky Park and Glass Bridge.
Previously, tourists went to Lviv for the sake of the medieval atmosphere and Austrian charm, which, though shabby, has survived to this day. Now, every day, trains with tourists, who travel with a gastronomic, romantic, instagram purpose rush to the Galician city. And the first steps in the city begin with coffee. Lviv has the largest number of restaurants and cafes per capita. The quest of the average tourist: to have breakfast at the Bachevskys, to get a drink at Coffee Mines, to dine at some restaurant of authorship, to sit in the open area of the pub, and again in a circle.
Of course, 10,000 steps in Lviv is a matter of honor, so you need to: climb the Town Hall, breathe the wind of freedom on the High Castle, look into the courtyards of the Armenian and Jewish blocks. As the center of many religions Lviv invites tourists to visit unique temples, cathedrals and churches. Old residents of Lviv gather in bright groups on Svobody Avenue to discuss life and play chess.
Lviv magnets: Opera House, Shevchenko Hai, conceptual restaurants and cafes, Lychakiv Cemetery.
The beginner gets his independent travel experience here in Kamyanets. It is not without reason that a monument to a tourist with wide open eyes was erected on the Polsky Market Square. It is convenient to get to the city (7-8 hours from the capital by train), it has everything for tourism, and the main attraction — the Old Castle — you don’t have to look for, it rises above the city with strong walls and 11 towers. It is worth crossing the oldest Turkish bridge in Ukraine over the Smotrich — and you are in the Middle Ages, where you can contemplate majestic panoramas, revealing your imagination.
In addition to the Castle, the city itself is very beautiful and interesting from the historical point of view; there is a shady park, temples of different denominations, restaurants and cafes. Among the new objects: the Castles of Ukraine Museum of Miniatures where 17 castles are collected.
Kamyanets-Podilskyi offers extreme: hot air ballooning, bungee jumping and bungee jumping through the Smotrytsky canyon.
Magnets of Kamyanets-Podolsky: City Hall, Church of Peter and Paul with an old organ, Dominican Monastery, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Rope Park in Shevchenko Park.
Chernivtsi is a small city and does not amaze with the number of attractions, but it`s absolutely tourist. It is always cozy here, even in winter, there is a lot of space for walking, for having fun, there are enough restaurants and cafes. Through the efforts of the City Council, routes and projects are skillfully enclosed in an information «wrapper» on the city’s website. You will rest after your walks in the cozy Theater Square, which is full of flowers.
And you can walk in the afternoon and in the evening on the former Panska street, which renamed today in Olga Kobylyanskaya street. Almost every building here can claim the title of an architectural monument, and even restored. In addition to paving stones and marble sidewalks and building facades, courtyards with wells were restored. On 720 meters of the pedestrian street, almost every house is a history worthy of Wikipedia (where all 57 houses are described). Hurry up to listen to the trumpeter at noon at the Town Hall and finally go to the main charm of the Bukovina capital, the architectural symbol of the city — the former residence of the Orthodox metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia. The building dates back to 1864-1882 and strikes with its unusual design. It resembles a medieval castle. Every hour, starting at 10 am, there are guided tours for everyone.
Chernivtsi magnets. City squares — Central, Philharmonic, Theater, Cathedral; House-ship, monuments to Olga Kobylyanskaya and Franz Joseph I, St. Nicholas Cathedral with «dancing» domes, Cathedral, Armenian Church.
Kryvyi Rih is a new word on the tourist map of Ukraine, the brainchild of industrial tourism. If you determine the target audience, then a visit to stunning viewing platforms over quarries, mines is ideal as an educational action for dads with their teenage boys. Here you have technology, extreme and an ode to professionalism. But, as practice shows, the Kryvyi Rih mines are “suitable” for everybody without exception.
The giant hole of Quarry of the Southern Ore Mining and Processing Plant - a huge formation, “the pulsating heart of Kryvbas”, has a depth of 425 m. The Ingulets quarry is even more striking, with an observation deck over it.
Depending on the tour program, you will visit the mine of the educational plant, and then - in one of the operating mines. Information support is provided by the Kryvyi Rih City Development Institute and local tour operators.
Kryvyi Rih magnets: Botanical garden with a flower clock with a diameter of 22 m — one of the largest in Europe.
METRAM — underground high-speed tram. Vizyrka Landscape.
For «white collars» from large cities, Odessa means rest, entertainment, nightlife, for families with children — the sea and health improvement, for foreigners — the exoticism of a cheerful port city. Symbols of Odessa are simple and understandable to everyone — anchor, hook, lighthouse, seagull, and Odessa courtyards open touching family stories to your imagination. Odessa is known to travelers from all over the world without marketing efforts, knowledge about it was spread by the children of Odessa, scattered across all continents: Odessa residents say that 52 cities in the world have name Odessa. The character of Odessa residents is revealed at Privoz market: come to the market in a good mood, and you will be rewarded with fresh and dried fish, jokes and advice in Odessa style.
It is a real pleasure to walk along the streets of the city: Deribasovskaya street introduces a number of sculptural «jokes», Primorsky Boulevard pleases with coolness from the Vorontsov Palace to the Potemkin Stairs, Lanzheronovskaya street leads to the Opera House. The panoramic 6-kilometer Health Trail is right over the sea and offers space for joggers, walkers and cyclists.
Magnets of Odessa. Luxurious houses of the 19th century, Monument to Duke Richelieu, Shustov Cognac Art Museum, promenades, museums, City Garden, Odessa sea beaches.
Mariupol was declared the cultural capital of Ukraine in 2021. Here you can find art objects that carry a system of symbols: war, the pain of loss, hope and the desire for peace. It is worth seeing the Freedom Square, which is surrounded by the Birds of Peace, symbolizing 25 regions of Ukraine. The laser beams that come out of the birds’ wings onto the square symbolically unite the regions into a single, integral country. The square has a website Freedom Square is a public space where it is fun to walk and communicate. A laser light show takes place here every Friday and Saturday. Each art object of the square has a navigation plate.
By scanning the QR code on it, you can learn in detail about all the places of power of the Freedom Square in Mariupol. Mariupol changes the image of an industrial city to a marine city. The observation deck of the Vezha tourist center (former water tower, 43 m) offers a view of the sea and the port. A real adornment and a place-magnet for young people is the pier at the City Beach.
Kharkiv. The city of creative people and great deeds is worth making all of Ukraine know its stories and the stories of outstanding people. For example, the astronomer academician Barabashev was the first to create a map of the planet Mars. Kharkiv was once the capital of sweets (Georges Borman), the legislator of classical architecture (Oleksiy Beketov), and the center of mechanical engineering. Do you know that the Mayan hieroglyphs were deciphered in Kharkov?
Kharkiv residents are enthusiastic about the delights of their city: thet will guide the guest to the powerful complex of the Gosprom, they will show the beauty of the Assumption Cathedral, the splendor of the Annunciation Cathedral and the tenderness of the Mirror Stream. And the parade of monuments will begin at the station, where the character from The Twelve Chairs novel, Father Fyodor, is hurrying to the train.
Magnets of Kharkiv: Railway station with two 42-meter towers, Freedom Square, one of the largest in the world,
Sumskaya Street, the best amusement park in Ukraine named Gorky park with attractions and a cable car.
You should prepare yourself for acquaintance with the Dnipro City, do not take seriously the station square occupied by taxis and minibuses. Give yourself time: under the protective shell of a tough nut you can find a real factory of vivid impressions.
Start with the Dmitry Yavornitsky National Historical Museum, created over 170 years ago and preserving more than 250,000 exhibits. Try to guess the purpose of the stone Polovtsian women, which in the amount of80 statues stand idly by in the open-air museum garden.
Continue with a tour of the historical quarters of the city: Yekaterinoslav (old name) Ukrainian, merchant, German, Jewish. Take the time to visit the Menorah cultural center — there are museums, a restaurant, a concert hall and a panoramic rooftop platform.
Must have in Dnipro: excursion to the Aerospace Museum and, if desired, to the Interpipe Steel plant. It is also worth looking at the industrial shores of the city from a yacht or boat.
Dnipro magnets: 30 km Dnipro embankment, the largest in Europe; Monastyrsky Island, which can be reached via a pedestrian bridge or cable car; Globa Park is a resting place with a lake in the center of the city; Time Machine Museum, where retro cars from all over the world are exhibited.

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